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Nikola Hawkins

Macmillan Consultant Cancer Practitioner and Education Lead
Macmillan Next Steps NHS Cancer Rehabilitation (Confirmed)

After spending 6 years as a Bank Manager, Nikki changed career, retrained and qualified with a degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology. For the last 17 years, Nikki has worked in the NHS supporting people affected by cancer across a number of clinical, research and management roles. Nikki’s current role covers 4 elements:

  1. Holistically supporting people affected by cancer 1:1 and in groups to feel they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to rebuild their health and wellbeing after diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  2. Leading and managing the multi-disciplinary Macmillan Next Steps NHS Cancer Rehabilitation team
  3. Research and Development: Developing, implementing and evaluating new services based on the needs of people affected by cancer, research and gaps in cancer services in Gloucestershire.  Nikki is also undertaking her own research around prostate cancer and is writing up her Doctorate at the moment
  4. Education: Nikki delivers education and training on various topics including: cancer rehabilitation, communication, radiotherapy and patient experience
Nikki is very proud of the Macmillan Next Steps NHS Cancer Rehabilitation team and the innovative work that they do each day to support people affected by cancer. If you would like to find out more about the service please telephone Nikki on: 0300 421 6586 or email

  • Raising the profile of cancer as a long term condition
  • Developing community based rehabilitation services for cancer patients and survivors
  • Creating holistic needs and care plans: how the rehabilitation has support patients take ownership of their physical health and well being
  • Examination the evidence base: How Patient Activation Measures have changed across the patient’s journey