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Mona Johnson

Clinical Director, Self-Care and Prevention
NHS Digital (Confirmed)

Mona Johnson is the senior responsible clinician across the self-care programmes in NHS Digital: A portfolio that covers health and service information on NHS.UK, the NHS Apps Library and its underpinning assessment service, and NHS WiFi. These programmes seek to enable people to have access to the tools or information that they need, in order to be better empowered in collaborating with clinicians in their own care.   Mona comes from a background in General Practice and is still a practising GP in Greater Manchester.

  • How are we delivering against the National Information Board’s vision for digitally enabled health and care services?
  • Exploring the next generation of digital services to promote patient engagement and support personalised models of care
  • Enhancing flow of patient information: Progress towards one point of contact patient records for care professionals and patients
  • Outlining the next steps for NHS Digital in delivering the Paperless 2020 and harnessing the digital revolution