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Kate Brookman

Consultant Nurse for Integrated Care and Respiratory CNS
Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust (Confirmed)

Kate Brookman is an RGN, and Independent Prescriber who trained in Oxford at The John Radcliffe then worked in Canada, before returning to UK to undertake Intensive Care training at St Bartholomew’s, London. After several years as an ICU Sister (and having a family!) she specialised into Respiratory Medicine and is now head of Respiratory Nursing Services based in South Somerset .Kate is based at Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust, and has for the last 2 years been working with the NHS Vanguard Project there –‘Symphony Health Care’. At the start of the Vanguard project she was part of the team who went to evaluate different Health Care models in the United States that use a GP Extensivist and Complex Care Hub system, supported amongst others by Health Coaches. Her area of interest is in how to Integrate Specialist services that have historically been delivered in ‘Secondary Care’ into the Community setting. To date this is proceeding with Respiratory, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Anaemia Management, Rheumatology, Opiate Use Management and soon Dementia Care. The development of the ‘Integration Toolbox’ is the result of learning from this process and instrumental in breaking down the barriers between Secondary and Primary care, delivering faster access to expert opinion, and closer to the patient’s home.