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James Sanderson

Director of Personalisation and Choice
NHS England (Confirmed)

James Sanderson is the Director of Personalised Care Group  at NHS England, working within the Strategy and Innovation Directorate to oversee the personal health budgets programme, the delivery of the Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) Programme, Maternity Pioneers Programme and developing and implementing new models of delivering patient choice. 

James joined the team in November 2015, and was formerly Chief Executive and Accounting Officer for the Independent Living Fund (ILF).  The ILF was used to support disabled people across the whole of the UK to live independent lives through the provision of direct payments enabling the purchase of personal assistance support. After graduating, James embarked on a career in the private sector before joining the ILF in 2002 to undertake a number of senior roles including Operations Director with responsibility for front line service delivery, and Business Development Director with responsibility for performance development, change management and information governance. 

You can hear more from James in his guest blog on the NHS England website.  

You can follow James on Twitter @JamesCSanderson 

  • Delivering the triple offer to give power to people to shape their own care
  • Understanding how IPC delivers a new model of person centred health and social care
  • Outlining the universal model of IPC that will be expanded across the country
  • Exploring progress against 2021 target and how personal health budgets have evolved to support groups with complex needs
  • Drilling down into the detail: translating Integrated Personalised Commissioning into practice