2018 Agenda

  • 08:40
    Registration, Exhibition and Networking
  • 09:20
    Chair’s Opening Remarks
    Mark Duman, Non-Executive Director, NW Service Champion and Long Term Condition Patient (Confirmed)
  • 09:30
    Understanding the National LTC Outlook: Prevention And Demand Reduction Through Personalised Approaches
    Jacqui White, Deputy Director for Long Term Conditions, NHS England (Invited)
    • Assessing national progress on LTC against the Five Year Forward View plan
    • Creating sustainable care models considering LTC patients account for 50% of all GP appointments and 70% of all bed days in England
    • Supporting implementation of the ‘Year of Care Funding Model’ for 15 million people in England living with LTC
    • Leading integrated LTC care services to improve outcomes through the House of Care model
    • Examining how LTC affect people of different ethnicity and age groups
  • 09:45
    Realising Integrated Personalised Commissioning (IPC): Evaluating Approach, Progress and Sustainability
    James Sanderson, Director of Personalisation and Choice, NHS England (Invited)
    • Delivering the triple offer to give power to people to shape their own care
    • Understanding how IPC delivers a new model of person centred health and social care
    • Outlining the universal model of IPC that will be expanded across the country, including ‘five key shifts’ in people’s experience of care
    • Exploring progress against 2021 target and how personal health budgets have evolved to support groups with complex needs
    • Drilling down into the detail: translating Integrated Personalised Commissioning into practice
  • 10:00
    Headline Sponsor
  • 10:15
    Questions and Answers
  • 10:30
    Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 11:10
    Understanding How Digital Enablers Are Supporting The Evolution Of Self Care
    Mona Johnson, Clinical Director, Self-Care and Prevention, NHS Digital (Confirmed)
    • How are we delivering against the National Information Board’s vision for digitally enabled health and care services?
    • Exploring the next generation of digital services to promote patient engagement and support personalised models of care
    • Enhancing flow of patient information: Progress towards one point of contact patient records for care professionals and patients
    • Outlining the next steps for NHS Digital in delivering the Paperless 2020 and harnessing the digital revolution
  • 11:25
    Supporting Patients With Multimorbidity Through Personally Tailored Services
    Dr Amanda Doyle, Chief Clinical Officer, Blackpool CCG (Invited)
    • Creating a community based service of ‘extensive care’ to provide proactive support for people aged 60 and over with multiple LTC
    • Ensuring professionals are equipped to educate patients on self-management
    • Developing integrated models of care to provide better care closer to home
    • Establishing systems to support sharing of electronic care records and a single point of contact
  • 11:40
    Main Sponsor Address
  • 11:55
    Virtual Clinics and How to Model Integrated Services for LTCs
    Kate Brookman, Consultant Nurse for Integrated Care and Respiratory CNS, Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust (Confirmed)
    • Reviewing progress to date: how is the model of care improving outcomes for LTC patients?
    • Exploring the development of the 'Integration Toolbox' to break down the barriers between primary and secondary care
    • Assessing how hot clinics enable culture change across health and care professionals to support personalised care and multidisciplinary teams
  • 12:15
    Questions and Answers
  • 12:30
    Seminar Session 1
  • 13:30
    Lunch and Networking
  • 14:30
    Seminar Session 2
  • 15:30
    Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 16:00
    Dedicated Content Streams
January 25, 2018
  • 16:00
    Living With And Beyond Cancer: Improving Quality Of Life For Cancer Patients And Survivors
    Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director for Cancer, NHS England (Invited)
    • Assessing the current landscape: number of people living with cancer in UK set to grown to 4 million by 2030
    • Developing a whole pathway approach to commission services and provision
    • Ensuring a patient first approach: improving quality of life determined by the patient rather than the system
  • 16:20
    Improving Outcomes for Cancer Patients And Survivors Through Personalised Medicines
    Dr Ian Campbell, Director, Health and Life Sciences, Innovate UK (Confirmed)
    • Outlining the four P’s: Prediction, prevention, precision and personalised
    • Setting out the wider vision for personalised medicine and progress to date
    • Identifying the key stakeholders working collaboratively to realise the vision
    • Determining the next steps for personalised medicine: the pioneering and cutting pilots leading the charge on personalised medicine
  • 16:40
    Cancer Rehabilitation: Supporting Patients to Lead on Self Care
    Nikola Hawkins, Consultant Cancer AHP, Macmillan Next Steps Rehabilitation Lead (Confirmed)
    • Raising the profile of cancer as a long term condition
    • Developing community based rehabilitation services for cancer patients and survivors
    • Creating holistic needs and care plans: how the rehabilitation has support patients take ownership of their physical health and well being
    • Examination the evidence base: How Patient Activation Measures have changed across the patient’s journey
January 25, 2018
  • 16:00
    Using Personalised Health Budgets to Manage COPD and Make Significant Impacts to Patient’s Health and Wellbeing
    • Empowering patients with COPD to manage their own health and wellbeing through personal budgets
    • Ensuring my personal health objectives met both physical and mental health needs
    • Understanding the process of creating my own personal health budget
  • 16:20
    Assessing The Impact Of Mental Health Support And Activity Programmes For Stroke Survivors
    Dr Ian Pattison, Chair, Sunderland CCG (Invited)
    • An overview of the latest research and findings of the impact of social activity on improved outcomes for stroke survivors
    • Developing a range of sustainable support therapies
    • Ensuring the mental health needs of patients are met throughout the recovery journey: utilising a multi disciplinary approach
    • Enabling positive transition back into the community and workplace
  • 16:40
    Better Care Together Vanguard: Case Study of Respiratory Care in Barrow-In-Furness
    Dr Farhan Amin, Lead GP, Morecambe Bay CCG (Confirmed)
    Dr Paul Grout, Clinical Director, University Hospitals Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust (Invited)
    • Examining the impacts of 9.3% of a population of 33,661 identified as having respiratory problems
    • Implementing vanguard programme to ensure rapid assessment and early support discharge
    • Supporting people to manage their respiratory condition more appropriately with self care models
    • Introducing new ways to manage respiratory patients presenting to acute to reduce hospital admissions
January 25, 2018
January 25, 2018
  • 16:00
    Setting Out The Dementia Research Roadmap For Prevention, Intervention And Care
    James Pickett, Head of Research, Alzheimer's Society (Invited)
    • An update on the implementation plan for delivery of the roadmap
    • Highlighting best practice and innovation highlights from the consultation
    • Reviewing progress towards national surveillance of dementia and cognition
  • 16:20
    Health Matters: Midlife Approaches To Reduce Dementia Risk
    Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director, Public Health England (Invited)
    Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor and GP, Public Health England (Confirmed)
    • Exploring the dementia landscape and current approaches to reduce dementia risk
    • Implementing effective strategies to reduce the annual cost of dementia to society
    • Emulating success: translating the learnings of reducing cardiovascular risk to dementia
    • Increasing the profile of dementia as preventative: outlining Public Health England plan to raise the profile of dementia risk factors
  • 16:40
    Developing Models Of Care To Support Dementia Patients
    Adele Thornburn, Programme Manager, Airedale and Partners NHS Vanguard (Invited)
    • Serving 7,687 residents living in 248 residential and nursing homes in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven and East Lancashire
    • Pioneering online technologies to provide care homes direct access to support from healthcare professionals
    • Empowering people in their own health and care and engaging the wider community

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